XCR Diagnostics – Portable Nucleic Acid Testing SystemTM

XCR Diagnostics’ Portable Nucleic Acid Testing System (pNATSTM) is poised to become a cornerstone of molecular diagnostic testing. These systems will be compatible with use in a multitude of clinical test setting to include:

Central Testing Laboratories
Emergency Rooms
Urgent Care Centers
Physician Offices
Outreach Centers
Pharmacy Medical Centers
Field Testing Environments

Our proprietary pNATSTM device employs a large 7” touch screen allowing the operator to easily interact with the instrument, add notes to a patient’s records, upload information for remote clinical access, and interpret testing results in real-time. The battery operated and rechargeable pNATSTM can be easily used by right or left handed operators and will operate remotely for up to several hours before a battery charging or battery replacement is required.

The pNATSTM accepts the XCR Diagnostics’ Sample Delivery System which is a universal sample collection device. Each Sample Delivery System is barcoded. To initiate testing, all users are required to do is: 1) insert the specimen into the Sample Delivery System , 2) scan the barcode and enter patient testing information, and 3) insert into pNATSTM and initialize test. In less than 10 minutes (to a negative) the operator will have an actionable testing result. The testing information is stored on the instrument and pushed to the cloud-based storage for easy remote access.

We believe our pNATSTM device will change the face of diagnostics and medical care for infectious disease testing, resulting in improved worldwide healthcare.

XCR Diagnostics – Sample Delivery System

This proprietary patient sample collection and delivery system is a universal device that can be used for a variety of sample types and intended to be used with:

Swabs: nasal/nasopharyngeal, throat, vaginal/cervical, rectal/rectovaginal, urethral, etc.
Liquid: blood, serum, CSF, urine, liquid cultures, etc.
Solid: stool, tissue, etc.

Our sample collection and delivery system is a first of its kind device, allowing the operator to make a single sample transition without having to manipulate or prepare the sample before introducing it into the detection instrument. After the patient sample is introduced into the device, unidirectional sample processing isolates the nucleic acid, adds the XCR chemistry and preforms amplification and detection all is less than 10 minutes to a negative result. This proprietary system is truly a system.

We believe the introduction of our Sample Delivery System will reduce or eliminate an operator’s confusion on which collection device to use as well as reduce or eliminate samples being rejected by the central laboratory.

XCR® – Chemistry Changing the World

We discovered XCR chemistry in 2007 to 2008 and have been refining its design and now have a nucleic acid chemistry that is 5- to 10-times faster than customary molecular chemistries. XCR chemistry is flexible and forgiving to the point we have competed up to 400 rounds of conventional thermal cycling without seeing any of the traditional negatives found with other chemistries.

When the XCR chemistry is used with our pNATS and Sample Delivery System we achieve positive result in about 7 minutes and negative results in less than 10 minutes. That’s great! but we can do more:

Multiplex Amplification
Stepped Multiplex
Resist Inhibition
Enhance Specificity and Sensitivity
Improve Sequencing Library Preparation

We believe XCR Diagnostics’ proprietary chemistry enhances traditional instrumentation but when used in conjunction with our pNATS and Sample Delivery System can transform the quality of each individual’s healthcare.

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