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We have developed patented amplification technology, Xtreme Chain Reaction (XCR®) – a more efficient nucleic acid amplification chemistry, surpassing today’s amplification systems. Combining our XCR DNA/RNA amplification chemistry with an affordable single use sample delivery system and cost effective Portable Nucleic Acid System (pNATSTM) for worldwide near patient diagnostic testing, we can significantly improve the quality of human lives.

XCR – An Ultra-fast Method and Assay Design Technology

Xtreme Chain Reaction (XCR) consists of proprietary assay design and amplification methodologies that results in test times that are 5- to 10-times faster than traditional amplification technologies. XCR utilizes a patented combination of target design and template selection to deliver efficient amplification and detection with none of the limitation of traditional chemistries. XCR amplification reduces test turnaround time to 10 minutes or less for a negative result, allowing for increased system throughput, which drives testing costs down and increases efficiency.

XCR- Sample Delivery System is a Unitized Consumable

The XCR Sample Delivery System is a single-use, low cost sampling system designed to directly accept a patient’s sample and then introduce the specimen directly into the Portable Nucleic Acid Testing System (pNATSTM). This proprietary sampling and transport system has been developed to accept a broad range of clinical specimen types to reduce the number of patient sampling devices the clinical staff needs to manage; resulting in a reduction of rejected samples by the laboratory due to incorrect sample collection.

XCR – Portable Nucleic Acid Testing System (pNATSTM)

The pNATSTM is a proprietary testing system designed to be utilized in a laboratory setting or transported to a near patient environment in which compromised or hard to reach patients can be tested. The portability of the pNATSTM affords actionable result generation to the clinician in less than 10 minutes, resulting in delivery of appropriate therapies to patients and all within the timeframe of a single clinical visit.

Produce Superior Results

XCR is readily adopted by traditional nucleic acid chemistry users to significantly improve the efficiency of existing and next generation thermal cycling systems. Our chemistry can be used within the existing frame work of a wide variety of molecular diagnostic systems. In other words, you don’t have to change your existing processes to double your instruments throughput by implementing XCR. The simplicity and elegance of XCR lies in utilization of thermal cycling temperature ranges that are not utilized by traditional testing systems. Additionally, our patented design and optimization methods for XCR are codified, enabling web based assay design and facilitating rapid adoption.

Accelerating Molecular Diagnostics.




Field Based/Near Patient:


Industrial Testing:


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS):


Genetic Testing:

XCR can replace existing PCR-based tests, or work in conjunction with PCR to make it better.

XCR’s reaction time of approximately 5 minutes makes possible the realization of PoC testing without compromising cost, sensitivity or accessibility.

With a clear regulatory pathway, large and recurring testing volumes, and time advantages compared to current methods, XCR’s codified design methods, shorter optimization runs and lower material costs bring this market into play.

XCR eliminates enrichment bias by covering the entire range of GC content reaching areas within the genome. It also provides greater data density in assembly, and accelerats processing time, by performing more efficiently.

XCR offers this market the most efficient process to conduct quantification/ genotyping with a one sample one reaction solution.

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